Blue Gel Anesthetic

Blue Gel Anesthetic

This product contains 4% lidocaine and 2% tetracaine, together with a vascular constrictor (Epinepherine) which reduces swelling, bruising and bleeding. This makes Blue Gel the anesthetic of choice for all cosmetic and tattoo onset where bruising and bleeding are a problem.

Blue Gel is to be used only where the skin is broken, and will keep the skin anesthetized and constricted for up to two hours. This is your "during" or "secondary" numbing agent for all procedures.

Remember to always remove anesthetics before tattooing.

The Original Blue Gel, Pro Plus, and Zone 1 by Dermal Source...the industries long standing supplier of safe and effective anesthetics. Liquidcane (no Ephinephrine) is the perfect anesthetic for use during Lightening/Removal sessions and Needling procedures as for these two services we need blood flow for optimum results.

The Girlz Ink Store is now offering the very best in anesthetics. These anesthetics when applied separately or in conjunction with each other, greatly reduce pain and aid the professional in producing the type of work desired. Our clients want to receive their procedures with a minimum of physical discomfort. Whether performing permanent makeup, body tattoos, or other pain sensitive procedures, these anesthetics work quickly, effectively and safely to keep your clients comfortable. These are the same anesthetics Teryn has used in her personal practice for the last 14 years and we are proud to have them here on the Girlz Ink Store.