Da Vinci Cartridge Needles 7RS #12

7 Round Shader, Size #12 (.35) diameter, Long Taper

Fits all Standard Rotary Machines. Fits all standard disposable cartridge grips (including Fantom Disposable Grips sold on this store). Fits Cheyenne Hawk machines and grips.

Da Vinci Needle Cartridges are disposable single-use tattoo needle cartridges that allow tattoo artists to set up needles and switch needle configuration very quickly during the tattooing process. Precise quality control to ensure excellent needles every time. With the smooth undercarriage will allow less trauma to the skin and more comfort for the client. 

*This is the absolutely perfect needle for those soft, powdery brows. The 7 round shader is a loose configuration so it spreads pigment beautifully in the skin which results in soft, powdery effects. This is a go to needle for powder brows...especially if it is challenging skin. The single needle is not a good choice and does not work well on challenging skin types, such as oily, large pores, red and hyper-sensitive*.



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