Eyeliner Numbing Combo Pack

Includes 2 Bottles of Eyz-A-Blue Pre Numb & 1 Bottle of Feel Better Now Secondary Numbing


What makes Eyz-A-Blue® so special is its thickness and neutral pH balance. Eyz-A-Blue® is formulated to stay in place and not melt or run while the permanent cosmetic professional prepares for the procedure. We do NOT recommend covering or occluding. Eyz-A-Blue® topical anesthetic should be applied to the unbroken skin of the upper and/or lower eyelash base, using a clean single-use applicator. Wait 20 minutes or until the numbing effect occurs and then remove the remaining Eyz-A-Blue®. Use of Eyz-A-Blue® should be limited to the eyeliner area. Care should be taken to avoid getting any anesthetics into the eyes or mouth.


Feel Better Now Topical Numbing Gel is a product you can rely on to keep your clients in a more comfortable state with less pain while allowing you to work on sensitive areas with minimal movement. It is used to help relieve pain, swelling, and bleeding during procedures that repeatedly penetrate the skin, making this a perfect topical anesthetic for permanent makeup procedures and tattoos. It has a rapid-acting gel formula of lidocaine, tetracaine, and epinephrine, and a quicker numbing effect than most other numbing agents.

How to Use Feel Better Now Topical Anesthetic Gel:
Feel Better Now Topical Anesthetic Gel will bring amazing results with enhanced comfort when used correctly. After the initial few passes, place a thin layer of gel over the area being worked on and wait approximately one to two minutes. As you continue working, repeat process up to two more times upon client's request.

Size: 1oz
Lidocaine, Tetracaine, Epinephrine
Rapid-acting gel formula
Considerably reduce pain during permanent makeup and tattoo procedures
Can be used safely around the eyes