Li Pigments MicroEdge Microblading Eyebrow Kit

The MicroEdge Pigment line was developed and formulated exclusively for microblading... which is why it is one of the top sellers for microbladers.  Lock in that color with Teryn's Micro Edge Starter Kit!  Why Choose MicroEdge if you are a serious Microblader?  1. Nectar type consistency allows pigment to cling to needle all the way down into the skin...not rise up the needle as it makes contact. 2. Pre-Neutreulized so no need for modifiers. 3. Pigments do not get diluted and weaken when blood or body fluids show stays concentrated. 4. Highly concentrated for high saturation. MicroEdge is a bit more expensive then others pigment lines and formulas...the higher price reflects the cost of producing this exclusive formula.  It is a combination of iron oxides and organics using only the highest light-fast colorants available.

All this allows for pigment to show in just one pass.

These pigments are pre-neutralized with warmth already added! If you are wanting to use Micro Edge but aren't sure which colors to get, then this kit is perfect for you! 

*Recommended Product  for Microblading Pigment Seal. Pigment Seal is a liquid sealer used during and straight after any procedure to lock in pigment. This unique product calms, sooths and nourishes the area while sealing your pigment into the skin allowing for better pigment retention and healed in color results.Pigment Seal



This kit contains the following pigments: 

Milk N' Honey - Fitz I-III For your blondes and to lighten darker Micro-Edge colors.

Tamarind - Fitz III-V Well balanced rich medium brown

Teddy Bear Brown - Fitz III-V Darker Rich Brown

Eclipse - Fitz V-VI Very Dark Brown/Black Color (Can be used to darken your lighter colors)

Warm It! - Any Fitz that needs additional warmth (darker cooler skin types)




These pigments are not to mixed with any other pigment line. 


Li pigment colors are formulated from the FDA, FD&C, and D&C colorant listings. These safe, concentrated formulas provide consistent and superior coverage that a technician can depend on. They are highly concentrated so the color retention is superb, they are easy to use and they remain true to color so they age beautifully. Li Pigments is the pigment line the artist can depend on and that is why top artists from all over the world choose Li.

Although we did our best with the swatch colors, they are not a true depiction of the color stated.