Micro-Needling Cartridge Needles

These needles are high quality, highly polished and fitted with a safety membrane to prevent backflow. 

  • .25mm in diameter
  • 304 stainless steel
  • Safety membrane
  • 12 needle grouping
  • Box of 10

The 12 pin needle cartridges are more effective and suitable in the purpose of Skin Needling (micro-needling) to treat fine lines,  wrinkles, age/sun spots, stretch marks, hypo-pigmentation, burn scars, acne scars and overall aging appearing factors. 

Micro-Needling uses needles with a length of 0.5mm - 1.5mm on the face, neck and chest.  Please make sure you are trained and follow all proper protocol when it comes to technique and needle depth as depth will vary depending on the skin type. 

Box of 10 Cartridge Needles

*Note* These micro-needling needles are exclusively made for the P.Y.T™ MICRO-NEEDLING PEN only.