Needle & The Prick Webinar by Teryn Darling


The Needle and the Prick | ON SALE $199.00 originally $250.00 - This permanent makeup training webinar is all about needles! Cosmetic tattoo artists have the important task of selecting the appropriate needle diameter size, count, taper and configuration for every procedure performed. The needle dictates the footprint left behind in the skin so choosing the right needle is crucial not only to achieve the artistic result wanted, but to tattoo every procedure with efficiency. Choosing the right needle directly impacts our work and our results. Teryn is one of the select few cosmetic tattoo artists who learned the dying art of needle making and for years every procedure she performed was done with a needle she made herself. She understands the importance and complexities of tattoo needles. With thousands of procedures to her credit, Teryn will guide you through the science of needles ensuring that the outcome of your procedures becomes more predictable. She will give you the insight necessary to analytically and artistically explore the heart of procedure perfection…the needle. This is a must have class for every tattoo artist whether performing permanent makeup, micro-blading or body art.  All attendees will receive a DETAILED HANDOUT,  A NEEDLE AND THE PRICK CHEAT SHEET,  A CERTIFICATE OF TRAINING AND UPLOADED TO OUR FACEBOOK SUPPORT GROUP FOR ONGOING SUPPORT AND ADDITIONAL TRAINING VIDEOS!!! The reviews are in and this is a must have class! 

Please email us to to receive your link and register. You will have access to this webinar for 6 FULL MONTHS. You can fast forward, rewind, and watch it as many times as you want! 

Once you have paid for the class you will have the course handouts, manual and access to our training video tutorials therefor absolutely NO REFUND for any reason will be issued. We highly recommend a home computer or laptop for viewing, as the webinar is not compatible with mobile devices nor chrome books. If you are having technical difficulties accessing the recording, please contact us for support. Thank you for choosing Girlz Ink as your place for ultimate needle knowledge. 


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