PMU Color Theory Recorded Webinar

Tattooing Living Color Recorded | was $350 now on sale for $250- This pmu color theory recorded webinar class is all about Color Theory, Skin Undertones, Corrections, The Science of Pigments and so much more. This is a RECORDED webinar that runs about 9 hours long. That's right…over 9 hours of pure color theory education.  There is NO other pmu color theory class this in-depth, this detailed, this educational in the industry today.  Teryn is not new to color theory…she has studied and taught color theory for over 10 years.  She was the first to put her knowledge of color, skin undertones and pigments into a webinar.  Many have followed since but none have duplicated what Teryn has done. Yes it is recorded so you have the convenience of having this recording for one month and  watching it when you want and as many times as you want! It is an in depth and full spectrum class on all the aspects of all color theory broken down into four segments. The Science of Pigments, Li Pigment Brow and Modifier Colors (also taught in a way you can relate it to your own pigment line), Identifying Skin Undertones and Color Corrections.  Teryn will simplify the complicated and forever change the way you look at skin.  You will leave this class with a better understanding of pigments, base formulations, skin undertones, how the different techniques affect our healed results and you will feel confident in your pigment choices whether you are performing the powder brow, hair stroke with machine or the micro-bladed brow. This is a must have class for every single pmu tech no matter what pigment line you use.  All attendees will receive a Handout and a Training Certificate.  After the webinar is over all attendees will be uploaded to the “Tattooing Live Color” Facebook Board for continued support.  YOU WILL HAVE ACCESS TO THE PMU COLOR THEORY RECORDED WEBINAR CLASS FOR ONE FULL MONTH…PLAY, PAUSE, STOP, REWIND, FAST FORWARD AND WATCH AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT. AS SOON AS YOU REGISTER YOUR 30 DAYS WILL START SO DO NOT REGISTER UNTIL YOU ARE READY. PLEASE EMAIL US TO REGISTER AND RECEIVE YOUR LINK TO A WORLD OF COLOR!  WHEN YOU FINISH THE CLASS WE WILL UPLOAD YOU TO OUR TATTOOING LIVE COLOR FB GROUP FOR ONGOING SUPPORT.   PRICE was $350 NOW $250.   ONCE YOU PAY FOR THE RECORDED COLOR THEORY COURSE THERE IS NO REFUND FOR ANY REASON. 


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