Sherry Hale All-In-One Brush Design Tool for Microblading 15 Piece

Introducing Sherry Hale 5 in 1 disposable tool for the precise fine line application of pigment used in permanent cosmetic makeup. You DO NOT WANT TO MISS HOW THIS can take your business to the next level by saving you time, money and risk.

  This tool solves many challenges including cross contamination from repetitive use of pencils, excessive tool purchases and the difficulty in drawing thin lines.  There is nothing like this in the world!

New 5 in 1 single use permanent makeup tool is used for the precise application of pigment to preent cross contamination, allergic risk, and downsize multiple instruments saving you time and money.  

  Comes in 15 or 30 individually wrapped disposable brushes to be used with the pigment of your choice to compete 15 or 30 individual procedures.  Includes a 100 pack of fine cotton wrapped sticks (with each 15 pack) for cleaning up small areas during your design process.

Define Tool Steps: 
1. Clean the skin
2. Abrade the skin using the exfoliant end and apply your topical numbing
3. Select and mix your color using the pointed stirring end
4. Use the pointed end to dot your anchor points of your design
5. Use the ruler to measure
6. Use the super fine brush end to draw fine lines to your design
7. Toss when you are done!

Instructional video shows you how to use the tool step by step. Click here for instructional video 
Define Tool Steps: Abrade the skin, pre-numb, mix your color, dot your anchors, measure, design/draw and toss when you are done!