TATSoul Magnum 11 Needle Bugpin Straight Edge Mag #9

11 Needle STRAIGHT EDGE Magnum Size #9 (.27) Bugpin with an extra long taper

The straight edge mag has defined corners. The 11 mag picks up and delivers alot of pigment, covers a large surface area and due to the smaller size needle and extra long taper, causes less trauma. This is a great needle for full lips and areola work.

This needle will fit with the Wrath Gen2 Vortex Tubes (Magnum, 11, 1") 

Artist Approved
Created after over a year of extensive research and feedback from our renowned sponsored artists Mike Devries, Nick Malasto, and many others, TATSoul is proud to announce our new line of quality Envy Bugpin Needles, featuring industry-first #9 needles. 

Industry-First #9 Needle
Our industry-first #9 Needles offer the optimal balance between fine detail and efficient ink flow for bugpins. 

Perfect Needle Taper
After extensive research by our tattoo artists we have found the ideal needle taper for the most efficient ink flow into the skin. All of our needles are made to these specifications.

Quality Process
Envy Bugpin Tattoo Needles are manufactured with the best quality control in the industry. We pay special attention to flat soldering that will give the most fluid and accurate needle motion.