TATSoul Shader Needle 14 Round Size #12

This is a size #12 (.35) diameter needle with an extra long taper.

The 14 shader is a loose configuration and covers a large surface area. The 14 shader is perfect for areolas and lip fills, as well as larger areas of the skin requiring camouflage work. The 14 shader is the perfect needle for those artists who prefer round needles over magnums.

This needle fits with the Wrath Gen 2 Vortex Tubes 14 Diamond 1"


Artist Approved
TATSoul and renowned artists came together to produce the highest quality tattoo needles. Extensive testing and feedback was collected from other renowned artists, and the result is a new line of quality needles called Envy Needles.

Back Tapered Magnum Needles
Our "Patent Pending" design is used on all large configuration Envy Magnum Shader Needles. The acute angle cut into the back of the Magnum Needles will allow needles to flow more fluidly through the tube.

Perfect Needle Taper
After extensive research by our tattoo artists, we have found the perfect needle taper for the most efficient ink flow into the skin. All of our needles are made to these specifications.

Quality Process
Envy Tattoo Needles are manufactured with the best quality control in the industry. We pay special attention to flat soldering that will give the most fluid and accurate needle motion.