TATSoul Wrath Gen 2 Cartridge Grips 1"

Can be used in place of the Fantom Tubes/Grips 20 pcs/box Wrath Disposable Cartridge Grips & 20 pcs. 89mm Stainless Steel Plunger Bars

Motion Absorbing Gel
TATSoul’s Wrath line of Disposable Cartridge Grips are constructed from a specially formulated gel-like material to provide maximum comfort and shock absorption.

Custom Molded Design
Unlike typical rubber grips, Wrath Disposable Cartridge Grips are designed to mold directly onto the stem to prevent any 'spinning' during tattoo sessions.

Patented Design
The superior patented shape design of the Cartridge Grips offers an unparalleled level of control and ergonomic comfort.

This grip is intended for use with most cartridge machines.