Versatile Extended Eyebrow Starter Kit Aqua (15ml) ***SOLD-OUT***

Thanks for your inquiry on our LI starter kits.  It has a range of colors for all Fitzpatrick types.  This kit will always be sold-out. We only keep it online for reference. You would need to place each individual pigment in the cart if interested in purchasing.  We no longer offer the buy 10 get one free since we have the reward program. Highlighted below is all the pigments included into the kit.

This starter kit contains Teryn's favorite Aqua eyebrow colors she calls her "Core Colors". These are the colors she mainly works with for all eyebrow shown on the store, Facebook, and her website. This kit contains 13 (Aqua only) pigments (9 eyebrow colors and 4 modifiers) Breve (A well balanced light to medium blonde color for Fitz I-III skin types), Taupe (A true taupe eyebrow color with brown undertones), Milk Chocolate (A beautiful, warmer, medium-to-dark brown eyebrow color (depending on the canvas), Autumn Gold (A medium warm brown), Hazelnut (A well balanced universal medium brown color), Mochaccino(A well balanced rich medium brown, slightly darker than hazelnut and darker than cocoa), Navajo Brown (A beautiful brown that is cooler than cocoa and lighter than espresso), Espresso(A dark brown with a hint of charcoal (smoky brown) eyebrow color), Ebony Brown  (This is a dark black-brown recommended for Fitz V-VI. Modifiers: Gray Vanish (A warm ochre yellow color with slight orange undertones), Brow mod (A light ash-brown color), Non-Violet (A more neutral yellow without green or orange bias) used to neutralize purple or violet brows), and Un-Grey (A pumpkin orange). These are all the colors you will need to create beautiful custom tones for all your eyebrow procedures on all skin types Although, the colors are beautiful right out of the bottle...they mix and harmonize so well together that you can create endless custom tones and colors. This kit also contains all your modifiers to do corrective work and to add to your pigment mixes as needed for all the different skin undertones. Ebony Brown will also serve as a rich dark brown Eyeliner color. This is a water base formulation.  It is highly concentrated with a nice creamy base.  This formulation works very well all skin types and with all different types of machines; including the digital, rotary and the coil. It also works well with the hand method.  Aqua is not a quick drying formulation but it will dry quicker than Velvet because is water based.  If you are a slow worker you may prefer Velvet.  Aqua works with ALL skin types but the Velvet was formulated to work best on dry skin types.

These starter kits are well-thought out kits that contain all the colors you need to get started.  They are not only Teryn's core colors they are all our top sellers worldwide.  If you are new to Li Pigments and do not know where to start, start with one our our starter kits. This is perfect for a tech living in a diverse area working on lots of different skin types and ethnic groups. If you live in a less diverse area and will only be working on a certain skin type or ethnic group please email or call us so we can suggest colors for your specific needs.