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4 Differences Between the Aqua & Velvet GLOBAL and the Aqua & Velvet ORIGINAL

by Teryn Darling March 21, 2024

From the desk of Li Pigments

Written by Darlene Story, edited by the Girlz Ink Team


Many of you may have seen some Aqua & Velvet pigments with GLOBAL or ORIGINAL under the logo. Let's address this!


EU REACH Changed Things for Us

The development of the Aqua & Velvet GLOBAL lines were formulated to meet the new Regulatory requirements of the European Union REACH that were implemented as of January 4th, 2022. As the regulations were updated, we had to updated some things as well.

Comparable REACH compliant replacements were made available as the Aqua & Velvet ORIGINAL pigments could no longer be sold within the EU.

This development reflects our commitment to providing high-quality products that meet the regulatory requirements of the European Union!

Any Li Pigments products that are not EU REACH Compliant now, had previously passed the EU-Resolution ResAP (2008)1 testing validation.


How do I tell the difference?

To address any confusion between EU Compliant shades and the Original formulations, Li Pigments made alterations to the Aqua and Velvet pigment line names. The Aqua and Velvet pigment lines now feature either a "GLOBAL" or "ORIGINAL" indicator in the name.

EU Compliant shades are classified under the Aqua GLOBAL or Velvet GLOBAL pigment lines, while Original formulations are named Aqua ORIGINAL or Velvet ORIGINAL. This naming convention helps differentiate between EU Compliant and Original shades, as the latter will continue to be sold outside of the EU.


Why are some GLOBAL shades share names with the ORIGINAL line?

Some of the names under the GLOBAL shades are the same names as under the ORIGINAL.

Customers already familiar with the ORIGINAL shades find an easy transition in understanding the new GLOBAL!

Despite the adjustments in raw materials of the Aqua & Velvet GLOBAL, our color-matching experts have diligently worked to preserve the base of the finished pigment as close as possible to the Aqua & Velvet ORIGINAL counterpart shade.


Are there any other differences between the Aqua &Velvet GLOBAL and the Aqua &Velvet ORIGINAL?

Pigment Appearance: While there is a slight change in the appearance of the GLOBAL shade in the bottle, Li Pigments have made every effort to maintain the base of the ORIGINAL finished pigment counterpart shade.

Pigment Viscosity: Some GLOBAL shades may exhibit minor differences in viscosity from the ORIGINAL counterpart shade. Depending on the pigment, one may experience a slightly thinner consistency.

Pigment Implantation & Procedure Performance: The new GLOBAL pigments have performed excellently in the field comparable to ORIGINAL. With the GLOBAL, the live model testing results determine impressive pigment implantation, crisp lines, strokes that maintain without blurring, strong retention, concentrated levels and lasting results.

Healed Results:With the GLOBAL, technicians will not observe remarkable visual changes in healed results. However, a slight shade shift in appearance may be noticed, with some colors appearing deeper or lighter in tone from the ORIGINAL counterpart shade.


Have questions you'd like Li Pigments, Darlene & Mytia to answer? Email [email protected] and we'll pass along the question!

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