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All CIC, SDS, MSDS & Reference Materials

We've put together this collection of reference materials for your use. Please email us at [email protected] if you need one that isn't listed below. If you're looking for needle/blade sterilization records we will need the Lot # listed on the package in order to request those records from the manufacturer. 


CIC (Color Index Chart)

Aqua & Velvet CIC


Blush to Bold CIC & Guide

Forever Lip & Areola CIC

Loaded CIC

Queen CIC

Li Scalp CIC

Jenn Boyd CIC

Brow Code CIC


SDS (Safety Data Sheets)

Aqua & Velvet SDS (Global AND Original)



Loaded SDS

Monica Ivani SDS

Queen SDS

Jenn Boyd SDS

Will Anthony SDS

Blush to Bold SDS

Glycerin SDS

Eyeliner Cleanse SDS

After Inked NPJ SDS

After Inked Lotion SDS


Tea Tree Toner SDS

Pigment Seal SDS

Li-FT Home Care Wash SDS

Li-FT Heal Care Wash SDS

Ink Protect Oil Blend SDS

Soothing Serum SDS

Scalp Dilution SDS

Healing Balm SDS

Shay Danielle Glossed & Cleanse Aftercare: Since their aftercare is purely natural ingredients with zero chemicals, there is no requirements for an SDS sheet per Canadian guidelines.


Product Information Sheets

Li Scalp Product Information

Li Forever Lips Product Information

Li Artist Series Product Information - Monica Ivani, Jenn Boyd, Will Anthony

Bishop B-Charged Battery Product Information 


MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets)


Liquidcaine Face and Body Numbing MSDS

Feel Better Now Tetracaine MSDS

Feel Better Now Lidocaine MSDS

Feel Better Now Epinephrine MSDS

Tag 45 Lidocaine MSDS

Tag 45 Epinephrine MSDS

Numpot Lidocaine MSDS

Ultra Duration Tetracaine MSDS

Ultra Duration Lidocaine MSDS

Ultra Duration Epinephrine MSDS

New & Improved Blue Gel - Secondary Numbing MSDS

Super Trio MSDS

Zensa MSDS

Li Scalp MSDS

Li Forever Lips MSDS

Brow Code MSDS

BrowsEyesLips PMU MSDS

BrowsEyesLips Cleanser MSDS

BrowsEyesLips Aftercare Cleanser MSDS


Sterilization Records - Sterilization records are related to the Lot #. Please email us your Lot # (found on the package) if you have questions or need to request your sterilization records and we can reach out to the manufacturer on your behalf!

OMG® Needles - Can be found on this page

All TatSoul Needles - Can be found on this page

Shay Danielle Sterilization Records

SofTap Blades Sterilization Information - If you need a specific needle record, please reach out with the Lot # (found on the package)


FK Irons Product Information

EU Declaration of Conformity - Xion Mini

EU Declaration of Conformity - Xion & Xion S


MSDS Stainless Steel

Certificate of Compliance

EC-Certification of Conformity