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That feeling we get in our belly…you know the one...that is there by design. It is there by masterful design. It is a built in, internal alarm system to guide us, warn us and protect us. When we ignore it and do not listen to it...most times we end up in situations we regret or cause us stress and worry. Always listen to it and let it do what its intended to do. We do permanent makeup, we tattoo and/or microblade faces so its so important to vet our potential clients and make sure they are the type of client we want to have.  At Girlz Ink we have a strict policy…more like strict boundaries, I guess. We do not take abuse and we have the right to turn away anyone that makes us feel uncomfortable.

I know many of you are afraid to turn away a client...especially if they are right there at your studio and expecting a pair of eyebrows from you!  Don't be. We have the right to refuse service to whomever we please at any time we please. Of course, we want to give our permanent makeup and microblading services to everyone as that’s how we make earn our income..and 99% of the time we will. But from time to time in will walk that client that you know is going to be a problem. You just know because your gut told you so. Many of you ignore it...some of you like me pay very close attention to it and follow it. The best advice I could ever give any fellow to please follow your gut. It will protect you and save you from stress, worry, and even potentially threatening situations. Many of these clients that in fact give us that gut feeling are people that may have or would have threatened you with bad reviews, wanted their money back or just found some way to torment you or harass you. I know because it has happened to me more than once. Follow your gut and decline to work on this type of person.

First…prior to booking them an appointment…pay attention and take notice of how they correspond with you via email, text or phone call.  Do they seem edgy, impatient, rude or demanding?  When asking you questions…how do they respond to your answers? Have they said anything that should cause a red flag to go up?  In any way do they make you feel uncomfortable or wake up that gut feeling of yours?  If anything about your correspondence with them makes you uncomfortable, take notes and either decide right there and then you will not accept them as a client or schedule them in for a consult before booking.  If at the consult you get the same gut feelings from this person, then do not book them.  If you are afraid to verbally tell them you will not be accepting them as a client then email them a written professional statement…doctors do this sometimes. 

If they are right there in your studio and you are all set up to go and that gut feeling is kicking you in the belly just stop for a second...tell your client you got to go tinkle...go breathe and gather your thoughts.  Once you gathered yourself then go back in and with a kind and professional tone tell them simply..."I’m sorry but this is not going to work out as I don’t feel I am the right artist for you". That's it. If they ask why you just repeat yourself…” I’m sorry but this is not going to work out, I am not the right artist for you”. If they ask again you just repeat yourself. Keep a professional tone but say it with conviction.  Why do we just repeat this statement? Well… because there will be no answer that is satisfying to them…plain and simple. We are not obligated to give them a reason.  They will be taken off guard, most likely upset and just keep the correspondence going and going and going trying to understand why you do not want to work on them.  They will never understand, and you will end up in a big huge conversation that could end up going way wrong. All you need to do is inform them that you are not the right artist for them and for them to please leave. Again, they will be shocked and surprised you are telling them this...that’s okay. They may get rude with you...that’s okay. You will be nervous and you will feel uncomfortable...that’s okay. Ultimately you made the safest and healthiest decision for you...for YOU and you did it in a kind and professional manner. You will feel empowered and proud of yourself.

Now...if they go on and write a bad review about you because you did this...don’t worry about it. You may be able to get it removed. Yelp and Google do not allow bad reviews to remain UNLESS you actually did the did not do the service. I have had this exact situation about 4 times now in the last three years and got all 4 bad reviews successfully removed.  If the bad review does not get removed then write a professional response. Keep it short, kind and professional. Viewers who read the bad review will also read your response. Do not call her crazy or use any adjectives that are unkind. Simply state you made a professional decision to not offer your services to her.

You may get a little angry feedback in the may get a bad review that you can fight and win but at least write a response to. The most important thing is you just saved yourself from a possible bad situation that could have caused you many weeks or months of stress, worry, torment and/or harassment. You set professional boundaries and did not allow this person to cross them…that is very empowering and it will protect you.  I completely understand that some of you are new, just starting out and you need that income. I totally get it but it could have ended up costing you much more that you would have made if you had done the service.  Stress, worry and fear isn't worth a million bucks…nor your health or peace of mind. Some people out there are scary, have anger issues and will want to hurt you somehow...they can't...only if you give them that power. I found my voice and my courage quite a few years ago after going through many situations like these. I learned a lot and that allowed me to set boundaries I don’t allow anyone to cross and it was super liberating. I hope this blog gives you all the courage to find your voice, take care of yourself, set boundaries and....listen to your will never let you down.