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It Pays to Have Friends: Girlz Ink Glam Squad Affiliate Program

by Teryn Darling December 15, 2022

It Pays to Have Friends

You’re already amazing, you’re already loyal, you’re already promoting Girlz Ink. Now let us thank you! The Girlz Ink Glam Squad is our way of showing our appreciation for everything you do. When you share the love, you get rewarded!

How does this work?

Girlz Ink Glam Squad (GIGS) is our Affiliate Program and  Glam Gravy is the commission you earn. Once you have $100 in Glam Gravy, you can cash it out in the form of store credit you can use on future orders! 

After applying and being approved, all you have to do is start sharing your unique link! This link will track the orders you generate and the commissionable products sold, so you don’t have to keep track of anything. Every time someone orders with your unique link, you’ll earn up to 15% commission on that successful referral! 

Glam Squad Affiliates can also share their unique 10% discount code with their PMU network. When you sign up you’ll be prompted to enter your Instagram handle. If you do, this will become your unique discount code that your PMU friends, family and social network can use to receive 10% off their order on store.girlzink.com.

Who Can Join the Girlz Ink Glam Squad?

Anyone who uses the Girlz Ink Store and wants to earn commission by promoting their unique link can apply! We ask that you don’t have another affiliate program set up for a competing storefront, but you can still enroll into our program. Those in our Trainer Program are welcome as well!  

We do ask that you are a PMU artist or in the Beauty Industry as the Glam Gravy commission you earn is good for store credit on store.girlzink.com. 

Commission Breakdown

Commission is only calculated on qualifying sales and products and does not include: shipping and taxes, existing discounts/sales on products, or discount codes applied. 

  • All products not listed below: 10% commission 
  • TATSoul furniture (hydraulic bed, rollerblade chair): 5% commission
  • Flux S, Xion S, LightningBolt Battery Pack, Power Bolt Battery Pack, Bishop B-Charge Wireless Batteries: 15% commission
  • Starter Kit + Course Access Bundles: 0% commission
    • Please Note: If you’re interested in earning commission for any of Teryn’s courses, please contact  [email protected] to learn more about Girlz Ink Academy Affiliate Access. 

What Are the Next Steps?

Please give our Girlz Ink Glam Squad Support Team up to 7 days to process and approve your application. It may take longer to be approved if you haven’t answered the questions or filled in your information on the application form as we’ll have to reach out to you via the email address you provided to verify these answers.

You must consent to the deactivation and/or deletion of your Beans Loyalty Rewards Membership Account. If you don’t consent to this, your account will not be approved.

All of the information, including your unique link and discount code will be in your Glam Squad Affiliate dashboard, along with your stats and analytics for your commission. This dashboard will be available to you upon approval to the Girlz Ink Glam Squad Affiliate Program.

If you have any questions about this program, please email  [email protected]

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