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Numpot Gold Numbing Cream: Your Pain-Free Pass to Golden Procedures

by Teryn Darling January 25, 2024

We’ve seen many artists freaking out that their favorite Face and Body numbing agents leaving the industry for good. We understand, but we have stocked up and have the alternatives you’ve been looking for when our inventory of Face and Body does sell out!

Are you ready to elevate your permanent makeup (PMU) game and ensure your clients experience maximum comfort during their procedures? Look no further than Numpot Gold Numbing Cream – the gold standard in pre-numbing solutions that will leave your clients feeling golden!

Numpot Gold Numbing Cream
About: The original Numpot Gold 5% lidocaine cream is suitable for prenumbing all areas before PMU, and secondary numbing of the lips and brows. It’s a thick, moisturizing formula that doesn’t wash off with tears!
Size: 1oz or 30g
Contains: 5% lidocaine
Use for: Prenumbing ALL areas before PMU, Secondary numbing of lips and brows.
Avoid: Eyes for secondary numbing

Unlike your typical numbing cream, Numpot Gold is not just any cream; it's the gold standard, quite literally. Packed with a powerful 5% lidocaine punch, this cream stands out as a pre-numbing powerhouse, particularly ideal for lip and brow procedures. However, it's important to note that it's not recommended for use as a secondary numbing for eyeliner procedures.

What sets Numpot Gold apart is not just its potency but also its luxurious texture. This thick cream caters to artists who prefer a substantial and non-"watery" consistency. The smooth application ensures that the numbing experience is not only effective but also pleasant for both the artist and the client.

Using Numpot Gold is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Simply apply a small amount to your client using a suitable applicator, wait up to 15 minutes for the magic to happen, and then wipe it off completely. Now, you're ready to start creating those flawless brows or lips! And here's a bonus tip: feel free to reapply during any procedure (except eyeliner!) to extend the numbing effect.

Whether you're a seasoned PMU professional looking for a replacement for your beloved Face and Body, or you're just starting your journey, Numpot Gold Numbing Cream is your golden ticket to blissful procedures. Your clients will thank you for the extra effort you put into ensuring their comfort!

Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a pain-free PMU experience that will leave both you and your clients feeling absolutely golden. Make Numpot Gold a staple in your PMU toolkit – because when it comes to numbing creams, you'll be truly golden!

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