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Pigment Seal®…the very first product developed by Skinful Beauty®,­ launched a couple of months ago. The testimonials and posts about this product and what it has done for the Permanent Makeup world has been so amazing for all of us involved! We knew it worked; we knew it was unique and it worked, but to see so many artists experience it for themselves has been extraordinary for us. 

Pigment Seal® has blown up so dang fast and it is getting a lot of attention due to all the positive feedback. Now that it’s out in the industry and techs are witnessing for themselves just how good this product works… people want to know HOW it works. Pigment Seal® contains very simple ingredients: Water, Sodium Chloride, Benzyl Alcohol, Sodium Hydroxide, Benzoic Acid and Sorbic Acid.  

So, what does Pigment Seal® do?  Pigment Seal® gently cleanses, refreshes, nourishes and hydrates the skin, it creates a calming sensation, it alleviates temporary redness and it helps to minimize weeping fluids. When we can do this for the skin, the skin becomes less angry. The skin will calm down, cooperate with us and accept pigment much better. The skin ultimately will accept, hold and retain pigment much better resulting in more “heal in color”. This is what we have all been waiting for!  Well…it’s here. Pigment Seal® does this! 

How?  The main ingredient is Sodium Chloride? That’s salt…how does salt do all that?  I thought salt removed pigment. Don’t confuse Sodium Chloride with table salt. Table salt in many cases is stripped of its minerals and nutrients and often bleached.  Sodium Chloride on the other hand is a naturally occurring mineral that contains nutrients and electrolytes that are good for our skin. Sodium Chloride being an electrolyte helps control the amount of fluid inside and outside the body’s cells. It helps maintain proper pH levels and it helps to control oil production.  In a nutshell it helps to maintain, retain and control fluids…while nourishing the skin. Have you heard of athletes taking salt tablets?  Many athletes back in the day would take salt tablets to control their fluids and maintain hydration…nowadays they drink sports drinks to accomplish the same thing. Pigment Seal® works in a very similar way. 

The salt used in the Li-FT Saline Removal product is very, very different.  After years of R&D different types of salt are combined and used in high amounts.  There must be more salt content in Li-FT than what is naturally in the body to create the process of osmosis…which is what creates the lifting of pigment to the surface of the skin. This is what’s fascinating about ingredients and product formulation. Salt in high amounts can produce lifting of pigment. Salt in a much lower amount can produce the exact opposite effect! 

Can anybody mix these ingredients together and get the same effect? No, not at all.  Just as there are different grades of titanium used in our pigments, there are different grades of sodium chloride as well. There is also the X-factor.  What I mean by the X-factor is that we have a team of brilliant chemists and formulators that listened to us and what we wanted to create with Pigment Seal®.  They took these ingredients and they did their magic in the lab. It starts with the right set of ingredients yes, but then it has everything to do with how they process, blend, heat and cure these ingredients that make our formulation proprietary. It’s the process and the formulation that makes it what it is. A good chemist can change the composition of ingredients right down at the molecular level. It’s pretty darn mind blowing what the right chemist can do with ingredients. Think of it this way, I can create a recipe that is simply awesome. It’s delicious, the texture is perfect and what it does in your mouth is heavenly…everything about it is perfect.  Now…I can give the same list of ingredients to 10 different cooks…good cooks, but unless they know exactly when and how I mixed the ingredients, their dish will never taste like mine.  Did I sear, what temperature, did I chill, did I mince, did I bake, did I soak, did I flash heat, did I sift, did I fold, did I, did I, did I.  So many variables that can drastically change a recipe.  Same thing with products. Pigment Seal® is Formulated for Perfection® and it is so unique…even using simple ingredients. Pigment Seal® works the way it works due to the ingredients chosen and the way the ingredients are processed in the lab. It does for us and our work exactly what so many of us have been wanting…better implantation and more healed in color.  Just like a good cook never gives away their recipe…Skinful Beauty® never gives away their formulation processes. 

I hope you enjoyed this article about Pigment Seal® and how it works.  We are over the moon by your testimonials and support of our new product and we look forward for all that is to come. 


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