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Why are Li Pigments® So Good?

by Teryn Darling July 02, 2021

So many people are asking the famous question: “Which pigment line should I use?” Of course, choosing a pigment line depends on personal preference, but Li Pigments® are Girlz Ink’s only choice. Below I will explain why we LOVE Li Pigments® and why YOU will fall in love with them too!

A-lot of our reasoning has to do with the manufacturing processes. The way the pigment is made, blended, broken down, and mixed. Not to mention the concentrated levels, and most importantly, the fusion method of pigments.            

Li Pigments® has recognized the need for, not only safe pigments that last in the skin, but pigments that will hold true to color over time and not change. Li Pigments® realized that with a few simple formula modifications and a unique mixing process, they had developed a pigment line that would outperform any other. Li Pigments® invented and introduced “Fusion Technology” to the industry in 1992, revolutionizing the Permanent Makeup Industry. 

Once Li Pigments® accomplished this remarkable result in pigment performance, they developed and released their own pigment line. Hence, in 1998 Aqua™ and Velvet™ were born with this unique process to fuse ingredients for natural, long-lasting, and true color. Darlene Story, the owner and developer of Li Pigments® along with her daughter, Mytia who has a Masters in both Chemistry and Biology, have evolved Aqua™ and Velvet™ to be one of the best cosmetic pigment lines in the industry. In addition to Aqua™ and Velvet™, Li has also developed the amazing lines of the Forever Series®(2015), Micro Edge®(2017), Scalp Series®(2018), and Loaded®(2020).

Li Pigments® are tried and true, being used by thousands of artists all over the world for the last 17 years. What truly propels Li® and holds the most value to our quality, is the thousands of artists that continually support and choose Li Pigments®. Li® also has a clean track record with never reporting an allergic reaction. Every single pigment/color formulation in the Aqua™ and Velvet® line are unique and exclusive to these lines specifically. Plus, all Li Pigments® products are Vegan and Cruelty Free!


Why are Li Pigments® gamma radiated and why are they to be considered safer than some of the other options?

With sterilization, you are killing all the spores, so the pigment is bacterial safe to use. For safe pigments, you want to use pigments from reliable manufacturers that follow all the current GMP’s (Good Manufacturing Practices) and produces the final pigment product from safe and approved ingredients. Since there are no specific laws in the United States regarding permanent cosmetics and tattooing, Li Pigments® as a company, adheres to the regulations of the EU (Europe). Li® passes all the EU testing and before it was popular, were testing every pigment every 2 years by the CTL(Certified Testing Lab). They have been doing this for the last 25 years. They continuously pass the 6 part guidelines and tests regarding the metals and toxins. They also have MSD Sheets (Material Safety Data Sheets) on every pigment line they manufacture. (Aqua™, Velvet™, Loaded®, Micro Edge®, Scalp®, and the Forever Series®.)


The 6-part EU Testing includes the following:

  • Aromatic Amines known to cause Cancer (20 Substances)
  • Carcinogens in Categories 1, 2 and 3 denoted in the Council Directive 1967/548/EEC of 27th June 1967 (7 Substances)
  • Dyes which are carcinogenic, mutagenic, have reprotoxic or sensitizing properties i.e. cause allergic conditions (35 Substances)
  • Metals as Impurities (13 Substances)
  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH), Benzene-a-pyrene (BaP)
  • Microbiological Test of Sterility


    In addition to Li continuously passing all 6 Parts of the EU Testing, they also use Sterile Water in all their formulas. They made sure to have a state-of-the-art water sterilization system put into place. This was extremely expensive, not to mention, it was not even required! Li Pigments® is a company that always puts safety and quality first and foremost.

    Li Pigments® is considered one of the safest and highest-quality pigment lines in our industry today. These pigments are highly concentrated which means you do not lose too much color during the healing process. (15% to 20% on average) Most importantly, the pigments last in the skin and do not change color. Li Pigments® are beautiful right out of the bottle, but you can also mix them to create custom tones for all skin types.

    A great pigment line requires great Distributors and Educators to be complete. Teryn Darling, our Master Distributor, also went above and beyond the duty of a Distributor when she created the Li Pigments® Learning Board. This Facebook board is a community of artists all over the world who are using and loving Li Pigments®. This is a wonderful place to share advice, information, and results. Teryn also assisted, along other artists who have experience with Li Pigments, in creating detailed Color Identification Charts (CIC) as well as a Quick Reference Guide (QRG) to help all artists in learning the line.


    To join our learning board, please click the following link!


    If you would like a copy of any Color Charts or MSD Sheets, please email our Artist Support Team at [email protected]


    ©Teryn Darling/Ashley Rose

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