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Jenn Boyd® Signature Series Eyebrow Pigments

  • DIRTY BLONDE (10ml) - A neutral dark blonde/light brown perfect for lighter skin tones.
  • KILLER BRUNETTE (10 ml) - The perfect medium brown for light to medium skin tones.
  • MIDNIGHT SUN (10 ml) - A true dark brown for light to medium skin tones.
  • RAVEN (10 ml) - The darkest of the collection, this is a black/brown that heals almost black in the skin.
Three of the colors: Dirty Blonde, Raven, and Midnight Sun have a mixture of organic and inorganic similar to our Aqua formulation. Killer Brunette is a little different. This color is also organic/inorganic, but this shade was created by using iron oxide and some of the organic colorants that we are using on our Loaded® Pigment line. 

From Jenn Boyd: 
"My ultimate goal for this Artist Series was to create colors I dreamed of working with. Knowing the struggles of the working PMU Artist performing different procedures on various skin tones and experiencing different pigment lines over the years, has given me an extensive insight to what we need. I think we nailed it! The 4 unique colors are slightly pre-modified but will not produce an overly warm effect. You may still feel the need to modify for certain skin tones. Suitable for both manual and machine techniques, this new hybrid formula will give you the softness of a pigment and the staying power of an ink." 
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