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Enhancing Beauty Safely: The Role of Titanium Dioxide in Permanent Makeup Lip Pigments

by Teryn Darling May 02, 2024

PMU IN THE KNOW / From the desk of Li Pigments

Written by Darlene Story, edited by the Girlz Ink Team

Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), also referred to in the PMU industry as TD, is the most important white pigment currently produced commercially and used in a wide range of applications including, inks, textiles, paper, paints, food, and pharmaceuticals. Pure Titanium Dioxide is stable, nonvolatile, largely insoluble and is a common ingredient in cosmetics, including lip products, due to its white pigment and UV-filtering properties.

In the realm of permanent makeup, Titanium Dioxide has long been a staple ingredient due to its opaque and light-reflecting properties. Among its various applications, permanent lip makeup stands out as a sought-after choice for individuals aiming to define and accentuate their lips. Central to the success and safety of such procedures is the careful selection of pigments, with Titanium Dioxide emerging as a crucial ingredient for achieving desirable and enduring results.

1. Stability and Color Retention

Titanium Dioxide, a naturally occurring oxide of titanium, is renowned for its exceptional stability and resistance to degradation from exposure to sunlight and other environmental factors. When used in lip pigments with appropriate percents and other pigment blends, it helps maintain the vibrancy and integrity of the applied color over time. This stability ensures that the desired lip shade remains consistent, avoiding the risk of color fading or shifting—a common concern with lesser-quality pigments.

2. Biocompatibility and Safety

One of the foremost considerations in permanent makeup procedures is the safety of the pigments used, especially when applied to sensitive areas such as the lips. Titanium Dioxide enjoys widespread use in cosmetic and medical applications due to its excellent biocompatibility. It is suitable for a broad range of skin types and minimizes the likelihood of adverse reactions or complications. As a result, individuals undergoing permanent lip makeup procedures can have confidence in the safety and compatibility of the pigments being used.

3. Opacity and Coverage

Achieving the desired lip color and coverage requires pigments with sufficient opacity and density. Using specific Titanium Dioxide contributes to this aspect by imparting excellent coverage, allowing for uniform application and effective color saturation. Whether clientsseek subtle enhancements or more dramatic lip transformations, the presence of Titanium Dioxide, properly incorporated within pigment formulations, ensures that the pigment adheres evenly and provides the desired level of coverage, resulting in aesthetically pleasing outcomes.

4. Light Reflective Properties

The reflective properties of Titanium Dioxide play a crucial role in creating natural-looking lip pigments. By scattering and diffusing light, Titanium Dioxide pigments help mimic the appearance of healthy, luminous lips. This effect is particularly advantageous in permanent makeup procedures, where the goal is to achieve results that seamlessly blend with the client's natural features. The presence of Titanium Dioxide lends a subtle sheen and dimension to the lips, enhancing their overall attractiveness and appeal.

5. Longevity and Durability

One of the primary appeals of permanent makeup, including lip procedures, is its longevity. The use of certain Titanium Dioxide and particle size contributes to the durability of lip pigmentation by helping anchor the pigment within the skin's dermal layer. This enhanced retention ensures that the lip color remains vivid and defined for an extended period, reducing the need for frequent touch-ups and maintenance. Clients can enjoy the benefits of beautifully enhanced lips without the inconvenience of frequent touchups, enhancing their appearance, skin's health and lifestyle.

6. The Removal Factor

Teryn Darling always says "If you can implant it into the skin, you should know how to remove it too!" It's important to know that while laser is an amazing removal technology, it does have its restraints. Laser technicians have noticed that Titanium Dioxide white can turn yellow due to laser removal and become more prominent or noticeable. Saline removal on the other hand does not work on select colors but all colors. We highly encourage every technician and artist to learn saline removal if you are legally able to; always check with your state and county health board to ensure you're able to perform removal.

In conclusion, used correctly within pigment formulations, Titanium Dioxide emerges as a valuable asset in the realm of permanent makeup lip procedures, offering a host of benefits ranging from stability and safety to optimal color retention and longevity. By incorporating pigments containing specific Titanium Dioxide, permanent makeup artists can deliver exceptional results that not only enhance the natural beauty of the lips but also provide clients with confidence and satisfaction in their appearance.

So, Why Choose Titanium-Free Lip Colors?

While Titanium Dioxide is commonly used in PMU pigment manufacturing, artists and clients alike may prefer to use Titanium-free lip pigments for permanent makeup. Titanium-free pigments provide a choice for individuals with various personal reasons for opting for Titanium-free options. Despite a narrower spectrum of color choices, these pigments address their demand by offering formulations free of Titanium Dioxide.

Titanium-free lip pigments cater to clients seeking alternatives for reasons ranging from personal preference to considerations of translucency and color. While Titanium Dioxide offers opacity and vibrancy in some color formulations with more varied color selections, its presence in permanent makeup pigments may not always be ideal for the client needs and preferences when selecting pigments. For those desiring sheer or transparent finishes, Titanium-free formulations offer the desired translucency, meeting the preferences of clients seeking specific results in permanent makeup procedures.

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