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Introducing the Girlz Ink OMG™ Cartridge Needles

by Teryn Darling July 29, 2022

Girlz Ink is collaborating with TATSoul to help cater to the PMU Industry. 

Together Girlz Ink and TATSoul have crafted a specific set of configurations that will best suit a permanent makeup artist’s needs. Now introducing: OMG Cartridge needles.

For over 21 years the founder of Girlz Ink, Teryn Darling (CPCP), has been performing permanent makeup, medical and body tattooing. Teryn has a mastery of artistic, symmetrical, technical, and color application that has made her one of the best and most sought after PMU artists in the world. Not only is she world-renowned, but she has impacted the PMU industry in a profound way by bringing the art of dilution and the power of technical versatility to the forefront.

The OMG cartridges were designed to have a unique pink, medical grade membrane to match Girlz Ink’s recognizable branding and appeal! The pink finger ledge is a TATsoul  industry-first innovation also designed in pink just for Girlz Ink; the cartridge finger ledge with its unique texture provides the artist with amazing grip and control and gives you the perfect place to rest your finger while working. Plus, it’s been customized to display the Girlz Ink logo!

Designed by artists, for artists. 

These needles were specifically designed with the Permanent Makeup artist in mind. Artists drive innovation, which is why Girlz Ink and TATSoul puts the artist feedback into all of the product designs. The Nano cartridge needles will empower artists of all backgrounds to create fine lines, realistic hair strokes, amazing pixels and butter smooth gradients and blends…making these needles a game changer!

Less Skin Trauma

Every needle in this collection is made with a fine, long taper that specifically creates less skin trauma. To compliment the long taper, every needle is highly polished creating less friction and less skin resistance which results in less skin trauma.

Perfect Pigment Flow

The cartridge tip can restrict pigment flow if it’s too long and narrow or it can or create pigment dumping if it’s too short and wide.  The OMG® Needle tip is not too long, not too short, not too thin and not too wide. The OMG® Needle tip was designed to meet the need of of todays PMU artist.  It is the perfect length and width to accommodate all pigments, all techniques, styles and needs.



Finer Detail Engineered & optimized to exceed the quality standard of the cosmetic tattoo industry, the The OMG® Nano cartridge needles empower artists to create fine lines, realistic hair strokes, amazing pixels and butter smooth gradients and blends.

Quality Process The OMG® Needles have the highest standard QC process in the industry. Each needle must undergo a thorough 30 point inspection process before it can earn the OMG/Envy Brand name.

Cartridge Finger Ledge A unique and industry-first feature, the cartridge finger ledge gives you the perfect place to rest your finger while working.  It allows for an amazing grip that gives the artist comfort and control.

A variety of groupings and diameters The OMG® Needles offers the Single Needle Series:  Three different single needle diameters to choose from.  This allows you to choose the perfect diameter depending on the skin type, the size of the hair stroke wanted and the overall results wanted.

Aside from the Single Needle Series, The OMG® Needle collection offers a wide variety to suite every artist, every technique, every skin type, every saturation level desired and every healed result wanted.



  • Special Collaboration with TATsoul
  • Customized matching pink membrane and finger ledge to match…we love Pink!
  • Medical Grade Membrane
  • Perfect Membrane Tension (spill resistant)
  • Long Needle Taper for less skin trauma
  • Finger Ledge Innovation for grip and comfort
  • EO Sterile & Lead-Free Extreme Blending
  • Packs Color with Less Trauma
  • A variety of groupings and diameters specifically chosen for todays PMU artist
  • Single Needle Series:  Three Diameters to choose from  .25, .30 and .35
  • Highest standard QC process
  • 20 membrane cartridges/box

To learn more about these needles and to try them yourself,  please visit our store!

Below is a list of the different needle sizes available: 

1 Round Liner (.25)           1 Round Liner (.30)            1 Round Liner (.35)

3 Round Liner (.25)           3 Round Shader (.25)        3 Round Shader (.30) 

5 Round Liner (.25)           5 Round Shader (.25)        7 Curved Mag (.25) 

8 Round Shader (.25)       9 Curved Mag (.25)           14 Round Shader (.25)

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