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MicroEdge users, it's time to switch to Velvet!

by Teryn Darling February 24, 2023

Are you a fan of MicroEdge? Wish we would keep your favorite colors in stock? Worry no longer; we have some exciting news to share!

Li Pigments has spent the last 25 years creating and manufacturing quality pigments and products. In recent years, and after creating so many different pigment lines, Li made the decision to condense the MicroEdge pigment line and phase the remaining colors into the Velvet line. Don't worry, your favorite colors aren't going to be discontinued, they're just moving lines! Keep reading for a full list of MicroEdge to Velvet colors we’ll continue carrying on the store.

Why should you make the switch to Velvet?

Like MicroEdge, the Velvet line is aimed for microbladers and those that prefer thicker pigments. Making the switch will expand the color palette you have to work with, while still keeping your tried and true pigments on your tray!

Manual hand tool artists and microbladers alike love Velvet because the formula is thicker and stays wet longer than the sister formula Aqua due to the additional glycerin and less water. While Aqua and Velvet formulas do differ, both the colors and tones are the same across both lines meaning they’ll heal as such. With countless before and afters of the healed in colors, you may even find your new favorite pigment.

Since Velvet stays wet, it’s perfect for doing a mask or a soak! Since it’s thicker, it grabs and hangs onto the hand tool a little better.

Your MicroEdge favorites aren’t leaving forever! They’re just moving lines! In fact, even their names and prices* are staying the same. Click the names below to purchase!

Brown Cafe - 15ml

Chocolate Cognac - 15ml

Eclipse - 15ml

Milk N’ Honey - 15ml

Tamarind - 15ml

Teddy Bear Brown - 15ml

*Pricing subject to change. Pricing as of 3/1/2024: $36/15ml Velvet Pigment.

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