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Understanding the Distinctions: Li Pigments EU REACH Line vs. Original Aqua Line

by Teryn Darling July 28, 2023

The permanent makeup industry has experienced significant changes due to the implementation of new bans and restrictions under EU REACH. These regulations have mandated that pigment manufactures reformulate in order to comply with the new EU REACH Laws. We understand the confusion this may have caused, but there are a few important distinctions between the pigment lines. Allow us to shed light on the differences between the Li Pigments EU REACH line and their original Aqua line, highlighting the adjustments made to meet the new regulations and the benefits associated with the updated formulations!
EU REACH Laws and the Reformulation:
Under the EU REACH Laws, pigment manufacturers must adhere to specific guidelines regarding the balance between iron oxide and organic colorants in each pigment. Although the original Aqua line did not contain any banned ingredients, it primarily consisted of iron oxide-dominant pigments with minimal organic content. To align with the EU REACH requirements, Li Pigments undertook the challenging task of reformulating their Aqua colors into a hybrid range that strikes a harmonious balance between organics and iron oxides.
Close Color Matches and Enhanced Formulations:
Li Pigments dedicated significant effort to ensure that the new EU REACH Aqua colors closely resembled the original shades and were as comparable as possible. It’s important to note that the colors are only comparable, they are not the exact shade. The overall result is an exceptional range of hybrid colors that have garnered positive feedback and outstanding healed results! These pigments are not exclusively for countries within the EU and those that have to comply with EU REACH guidelines. The enhanced formulations of the EU REACH Aqua colors have made them a beloved choice not only in EU REACH compliant countries but also worldwide, including the United States.
Availability of Original Aqua and EU REACH Aqua Colors:
Don’t worry about the original Aqua line: it’s not going anywhere! The original Aqua pigments continue to be available in countries that do not enforce the EU REACH Laws. This means that artists and clients in these regions can still access and utilize the original Aqua pigments for their procedures.
However, we've been diligently working on relaunching a new generate of the beloved Aqua pigments, which will be ready and launching very soon! The formulation will stay the same, but get ready for some new improvements for better performance. We've upped the pigment load, increased it to the maximum level for high retention heals and healed in color. Along with that, we've create a new, modern label! You may have already noticed the consistency changes we've made.
Thinner consistency allows for better pigment flow and with special blend carriers, you get quicker implantation. The colors have all ben internally balanced with our Yellow-Green fusion base to prevent warm or gray fading. This means they won't fade too quick and they won't last longer than they should; the perfect balance. Artists are already commenting on these performance improvements. If you haven't tried Aqua lately, now's the time! 
Please note: these performance improvements did not affect the colors or the healed in tone whatsoever.
On the other hand, the new EU REACH Aqua colors have been carefully crafted to meet the requirements of EU REACH compliance. These hybrid pigments, with their balanced blend of organics and iron oxides, have proven to deliver remarkable results. The EU REACH Aqua colors have received widespread love for their healed tones and overall performance, making them an excellent choice for technicians and clients seeking exceptional outcomes in every country.
In response to the regulatory changes imposed by the EU REACH Laws, Li Pigments reformulated their original Aqua line to create the EU REACH Aqua line.
While the original Aqua pigments remain available in countries without EU REACH regulations, the new EU REACH Aqua colors have emerged as a highly regarded range of hybrid pigments that combine the benefits of both organics and iron oxides. The meticulous efforts put into achieving color matches and the remarkable results obtained from the EU REACH Aqua colors have received appreciation from artists and clients worldwide. Whether adhering to EU REACH Laws or seeking outstanding outcomes with some new colors, the availability of both the original Aqua and EU REACH Aqua colors provides options for professionals and clients in the ever-evolving field of permanent makeup.

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