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Use Your Points Before You Lose Your Points!

by Kathryn Boehme January 24, 2023

Access to the Beans Loyalty Rewards Program will end 3/27



We hope everyone is having a great start to the year! We have a small announcement to make that we hope is going to make a big splash with our customers!

Over the past year, our rewards points system has become very unreliable. After numerous complaints from customers, and many unresolvable issues, we've decided to remove the Loyalty Rewards Program from the Girlz Ink Store.

Starting now January 24, 2023, we'll be transitioning away from our current Loyalty Rewards Program (also referred to as Beans) and shifting our focus to the Girlz Ink Glam Squad to make it the best it can be. Don't worry, this doesn't mean you'll lose those points you've already earned!

If you have an account with our Loyalty Rewards Program you will have until 11:59PM (PST) on March 27, 2023 to use the remainder of your points. Please use the remaining points before March 27, 2023 as all remaining points will be deleted on March 28, 2023.

While we are removing the points system, we are replacing it with the Glam Squad! Unlike the Loyalty Rewards Program, you will have to share your unique link to earn rewards but you will have access to even more perks with the Glam Squad than you did with the Loyalty Rewards Program.

Access to the Glam Squad will grant you:

- The ability to earn Glam Gravy Commission for every valid sale and referral made using your unique link (up to 15% that's paid out through Store Credit!)

- Access to exclusive discounts throughout the year available only for members of the Glam Squad.

- Access to an exclusive Facebook Group to share work, engage with a community of like-minded artists that love and use Li Pigments and Girlz Ink products, get tips + tricks about marketing your affiliate link, and to be among the first to learn about new products and programs!

- Affiliate access to online courses on the Girlz Ink Academy, earning you commission with every successful enrollment made through your unique link.

- Unlike Beans, you'll be able to participate in both the Glam Squad AND our Trainer Program!

Buy 10 15ml Pigments Get 1 FREE

In addition to the Glam Squad we're bringing back our popular Buy 10 Pigments Get 1 FREE on April 1, 2023. Only applicable for 15ml sizes.

This is available for the following pigment brands:

- Blush to Bold
- Forever
- Scalp
- Loaded
- Velvet
- Aqua
- Queen


Use code FREEPIGMENT to claim your free pigment. This discount will be active starting April 1, 2023.

Important dates to remember:

Last day to use rewards points: March 27, 2023 at 11:59PM (PST)

Rewards points & accounts will be deleted: March 28, 2023 at 12:01AM (PST)

Buy 10 15ml Pigments Get 1 Free starts: April 1, 2023


Thank you for your understanding and continued support. If you have any questions please email [email protected] for more information.

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