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Brow Mapping Starter Kit + Map It and Lock It Course (12-Month Access)

Included in the Brow Mapping Starter Kit

  • Mapping String - 4 pack
  • Brow Ruler Sticker - Roll of 50
  • Girlz Ink Brow Pencil - 5 pack
  • White Marking Pencil - 5 pack


12 Month Access valued at $187

Does it take you two hours to design eyebrows on your client? Do your client’s  eyebrows look like cousins instead of sisters? Once you get the brows drawn on are you afraid of wiping it off accidentally? Have you just been struggling to get the perfect design? If you answered any of those questions with a yes, then this is the perfect course for you!

In this course, Michon Martinez is going to guide you through different mapping techniques and her own style of mapping…all of which will lead you to amazing, quick brow designs.  Not only will she teach you how to design brows…she is going to teach you how to lock in your design. This will help new artists and technicians that are struggling to get that perfect eyebrow shape and to keep it during the entire procedure!

Over the years, Michon has tested out a variety of mapping techniques and tools to really hone in her skill and find what works best for her. She will show you step by step several different mapping techniques with different tools. This course will be showing you how to use these tools individually, as well as how to combine techniques to find what works best for YOU!

This course will go over the seven different face shapes, different tools such as; the ruler, the caliper, and the string, how to lock in your mapping design with a special marking pencil and how to lock in the design while tattooing. With all of these tools, you will be able to figure out what helps you best, and which technique you like, to help broaden your artistic eye.

Michon’s course features one complete live video of each mapping technique, and several small videos to help demonstrate each tool. You will also be provided with a detailed handout to put this all to practice and help you save time on drawing during a procedure.

Course Highlights

Includes, but not limited to:

Detailed Theory Video Tips & Tricks
Video Demos of 3 Mapping Tools Face Shape Handouts for you to practice on
Intriguing Information on the 7 Different Face Shapes Product description & links 
Grooming Do's and Don'ts 50 page handout
Design Security & How to lock your Design In Certificate of Completion


Course Outline

Welcome to My Map It and Lock It Course Chapter 6: My Preferred Mapping Techniques
Theory PowerPoint Chapter 7: Mapping Free Hand
Chapter 1: Face Shapes Chapter 8: Design Security
Chapter 2: Brow Design Chapter 9: Mapping Pointers 
Chapter 3: Mapping with the Ruler Chapter 10: Course handouts
Chapter 4: Mapping with Caliper Chapter 11: Products & Links
Chapter 5: Mapping with String Chapter 12: Conclusion


Terms & Conditions

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There is absolutely NO REFUNDS, NO EXCEPTIONS.

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