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Jenn Boyd Brow Slayer Microblading Needles - 10.25 Slant

10.25 Microblading Needles by Jenn Boyd - Box of 25

This is a 10 needle Slant blade with each needle being .25 in diameter. This is the largest diameter needle in the collection. Due to the larger diameter size this needle is perfect for creating a stroke that will match up with medium and coarse textured brow hair.  This size diameter may also work best on thicker, tougher skin.

For a thinner diameter needle check out our other selections.

Medical grade, stainless steel.

Sterilized using E.O. gas (Ethylene Oxide Sterilization)

Each blade is checked by microscope for quality.

Flex blade

Individually wrapped, sterilized and labeled with size, expiration date and kit number.



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