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Hair Stroke Starter Kit + NanoLines® Machine Hair Stroke Course (12-Month Access)

Included in the Hair Stroke Starter Kit

  • Girlz Ink OMG Cartridge Needles 1 Round Liner #8 x1
  • Girlz Ink OMG Cartridge Needles 1 Round Liner #10 x1
  • Monica Ivani® Signature Series Eyebrow Pigments

12 Month Access valued at $479

It’s finally here, Mary Ritcherson's Signature Machine Hair Stroke Technique, NanoLines®.

The Queen of Machine Hair Strokes is super excited to share with you all her tips, tricks and techniques to achieving beautiful, natural and long-lasting results for Hair Strokes.

Not all skin types are suitable for the traditional Microblading Technique, where the pigment is scratched/cut into the skin. This can cause more trauma and poor healing. Technicians are realizing that the skin has more scar tissue and cannot be done more than a couple times. It’s great to have options that fit the need of the client.

With machine work, you puncture the skin in clean strokes, causing less trauma and allowing for subsequent procedures to be performed over the years. When done properly, there is minimal to no bleeding allowing for better healing and long-lasting results.  Less Trauma=Better Retention!

Course Highlights

Machine hair strokes gives the technician more artistic freedom to create soft, fluffy natural strokes that mimic the appearance of natural hair.  Mary will show you her trademarked techniques for layering & transitioning the strokes, using her Guidelines, Branching & Blending® & Brow Stippling® techniques.  This course will give you the tools to take your brow game to a whole other level.  Here’s what you will get:

In-depth PowerPoint Theory of Mary’s Do’s & Don’ts  4 Step Framing of the Eyebrow
Full Procedure Video (Plus 2 Additional bonus videos) Pre-Drawing the Hair Strokes
Transitional Guidelines (Combination, Asian & European) Multiple Tutorial Videos
Needle & Machine Choices Downloadable Client Forms and Addendums
Preferred Pigments and why! Membership to my Private FB Support Group
Movement & Speed And Much… Much…. More!


Once you have completed Mary’s course, you will be added to Mary’s Private Machine Hair Stroke FB Support Group.  In this group we can critique, troubleshoot & see each other’s progress.

Mary is confident that this course will give you the tools you will need to take your hair stroke brow game to the next level.  With hard work and lots of practice you will be on your way to creating beautiful long-lasting beautiful results.

Course Outline

Introduction to Machine Hair Strokes (NanoLines®)  Branching & Blending
Theory Brow Stippling
Machine & Needles The Procedure Steps
Pigments Mary's Bonus Videos
Skin Types/Candidates Before, After & Healed Client Pictures
Mary's Preferred After Care Consent Forms & Addendums
Creating a Natural Looking Stroke Mary's PDF's 
Guidelines: Pre-Drawing the Hair Strokes Recommended Links
The Pre-Draw Hands on Training 


About Mary Ritcherson

Terms & Conditions

Once enrolled, please email us at [email protected] with your order number to receive access to the course. Please allow 24 - 72 hours to be given access to the course. Our office hours are: Tuesday through Saturday, from 10am - 6pm PST.

There is absolutely NO REFUNDS, NO EXCEPTIONS. 

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