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Li Pigments Blush To Bold - Mid-Dark Brown Pencil

Blush to Bold Pencil Series is specifically designed to work alongside the Blush to Bold pigment series, 6 colours that match each set to assist in design and colour choice in your pre draw.

The ombre pencil has been created with a hard, wax base and waterproof formula making it the perfect combination for precision and filling in. We have designed a soft domed sponge specifically made to achieve those soft edges and super airy fronts.

A brow pencil that can also be used to keep your ombre brows in check, simply choose the colour of your brow and use to fill in any areas in-between colour boosts or to enhance as desired. Use the sponge to blend the pencil, keeping those airy edges soft and the fronts super ombred.


For ultimate precision and quality, we recommend you use our sharpener that has been partnered to work alongside the pencil for the best result. It assists to lengthen the wood and sharpen the tip for the perfect point.