Li Pigments Aqua - Amber's Brow Starter Kit 15ml

Includes the below pigments:

Beautiful Blonde

Temp: Warm+2

Light to Dark Value: 3

Base: Warm Yellow, Orange & Brown


Temp : More Neutral 

Light to Dark Value: 3

Base : More Neutral Yellow & Green, Inorganic & Organic. Contains a tiny amount of red in the base. Slightly lighter and warmer than Sandalwood.

Classic Brown

Temp: Slightly Cool

Light to Dark scale: 3

Base: Slightly Cool Yellow & Green with just a bit of red added. Organic & Inorganic

Dark Toffee

Temp: Cool

Light to Dark Value: 4+

Base: Cool Yellow & Green Organic & Inorganic (contains a small amount of yellow-orange in the base)

Ebony Brown

Temp : Extremely Cool

Light to Dark Scale: 6

Base : Black Brown Inorganic. Contains a very small amount of Red in the base.