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Li Pigments Blush To Bold - Warm Mid Brown Duo 15ml

The Ultimate Way To Up Your Ombre.

Description: A golden light to medium brown. A superb all-round color choice for auburn or light to medium brown hair. 

Our revolutionary Blush to Bold pigment line is the world’s first pigment series specifically designed to create and enhance a sublime contrast of light and dark, using our exclusive unique color concept and our innovative layering technique. Introducing 6 unique color sets providing a light and dark variation of each color.

Temperature: Warm 

Base: Warm Yellow and Red with small amount of Green 

Fitzpatrick: I - IV 

Organic & Inorganic

  • Size 15ml per bottle


  • Up your brow game in 2 easy steps with Blush to Bold
  • Use the Blush pigment variation in your initial passes to create your base, and then layer your last pass with the darker Bold variety, applying it to
  • The areas where you want to create targeted definition. Seamlessly blend the Bold over the Blush from the mid of the brow to the tail for a flawless result.
  • Our color sets are all perfectly pre-mixed for ease and pre-diluted for a signature soft finish, to give you the ultimate OMBRE BROW every time.

To darken any Blush

Use 1-3 drops of the same color Bold

To darken any bold

Use 1-3 drops of the Darkest Brown Bold

Second touch up

Use the same color bold to touch up all over

Maintenance Color boost 

Blush and Bold can be used as desired

*The formula is predominantly iron oxide with organics added for the perfect balance.

Download Blush to Bold Manual & Guide


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