Li Pigments Velvet - Eskimo Gray 15ml


Velvet has a different formula than Aqua causing it to be a little bit thicker. Microbladers LOVE this line as it has a little more glycerin and clings to the needle as the needle enters the skin, which allows for more pigment implantation. This is the perfect microblading line.


L-D 4 Extremely Cool

Black & White Inorganic

A very dark taupe-to-charcoal appearing color when healed. Can be used alone on moderately cool skin tones. Ideal eyebrow color for Fitzpatrick I-III skin tone senior clients with “more pepper than salt” scalp hair and natural eyebrow hair color. These clients may be accustomed to wearing a darker gray or charcoal eyebrow pencil. When used on ruddy skin types (reddish or pinkish appearance) consider adding Gray Vanish or 24 Carat Mod to prevent the color healing too cool. Lighten with Pecan, Taupe or Lighten Up. Darken with Charcoal (eyeliner pigment - see Eyeliner Colors section of the CIC). If a warmer pigment is desired consider a warmer color.


Li pigment colors are formulated from the FDA, FD&C, and D&C colorant listings. These safe, concentrated formulas provide consistent and superior coverage that a technician can depend on. They are highly concentrated so the color retention is superb, they are easy to use and they remain true to color so they age beautifully. Li Pigments is the pigment line the artist can depend on and that is why top artists from all over the world choose Li.

Although we did our best with the swatch colors, they are not a true depiction of the color stated.





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