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Needle Kit + Micro-Tattooing Course (12-Month Access)

Included in the Needle Kit

  • Girlz Ink OMG Cartridge Needles 5 Round Liner #8 x1
  • Girlz Ink OMG Cartridge Needles 5 Round Shader #8 x1
  • Girlz Ink OMG Cartridge Needles 8 Round Shader #8 x1

12 Month Access valued at $479

In this course, renowned mid-western artist, Kara Gutierrez will show you the fundamentals to creating micro art with big meaning.

From designing to lining and everything in between, Kara will walk you through the process of stretching your creativity to level up your career. Throughout the presentation, you’ll feel like you’re talking to an old friend while learning a brand-new skill.

Whether you are a veteran permanent makeup artist, someone trying to make a name for themself, or brand new to the industry, this course is for you.

Course Highlights

Micro Tattooing has gained popularity in recent years and is meant for every licensed and professional tattooer that wants to give a large amount of happiness in the smallest way.

Micro tattooing has a huge meaning with a minimalist design that you can put just about anywhere. It’s amazing how something so small can sometimes signify so much. Whatever reason for the tattoo, it signifies something to your client.

My goal with this course is to have you leave ready to confidently expand your clientele base by adding Micro Tattooing to your services. I want to make sure you are prepared in every way. In this course you will learn:

What makes a tattoo "Micro"  Tray Setup and Breakdown
History of Tattooing Practice Exercises
Overview of Body Art Culture Tips for Successful Consultations
Unspoken rules of Tattooing Stenciling Methods
PMU vs. Body Art (INKS) Art Inspiration
PMU vs. Body Art (EDUCATION) Applying your design to the skin
PMU vs. Body Art (PROCESS) Aftercare
Supply Overview Marketing and Upselling
Needle Theory How to Find an Apprenticeship
Movements - lining, shading, pointillism Detailed Handout


Course Outline

Introduction  Find your Inner Artist
Micro-Tattooing Course Information Apprenticeships 
The History of Traditional Tattooing Marketing Tips 
PMU vs. Body Art Selling it till it sells itself!! 
Let's Micro-Tattoo Additional Tips
Before Tattooing a Human Live Model Demonstration - Flamingo Flash Design
Practice like you Play Live Model Demonstration - Rose Flash Design 
Tattoo Stencils Conclusion 
Tattoo Day

Terms & Conditions

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There is absolutely NO REFUNDS, NO EXCEPTIONS.

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