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OMG® Eyeliner Pigment - Black Fuzion

Type: Inorganic & Carbon Black

Base: Black

Retention: Extremely high

Description: This is a unique blend of the highest quality Inorganic and Carbon Blacks. By combining each type of pigment, the advantages of each are increased and the disadvantages of each are decreased, creating a one-of-a-kind, fierce black. The perfect percentage of both Carbon and Inorganic…Black Fuzion will impress!

Black Fuzion is EU REACH Compliant. Awaiting official certification for sale and use in the EU.

Why You Will Love It: Teryn has done over 5,000 eyeliners and crafted the OMG® Eyeliner Series with the maximum concentration levels possible for superior coverage and optimum healed-in color. They are the perfect viscosity allowing excellent pigment flow with any needle. Each shade was tested extensively by Teryn and a team of artists to ensure the high-performance artists expect and deserve from their pigments. Maximum Concentration. Quick Implantation. High Saturation Ability. Amazing Color. 

What You Can Count On: Every color in this line was made with the intent to be the very best, pure and safe. A unique blend of the highest quality raw pigments combined with the absolute best ingredients. All colors are Certified Vegan, cruelty free and made in a highly credentialed US manufacturing lab with multiple quality check systems and controls.

Pro Tips:

  1. Larger needles and high saturation techniques will provide high healed-in color.
  2. Smaller needles and low saturation movements will provide less healed-in color.
  3. Dilute with Soft FX to decrease the intensity of the color.
  4. Can layer all three colors to create crazy good results; start with Black Brownie, then layer onSuper Black on top, and bring it on home with a blast of Black Fuzion.
  5. This color does contain carbon black. If you have a heavy hand or on lids with visible blood vessels you may want to use Super Black. 

CI Numbers: Pigment Black 7, CI 77266 | Pigment Black 11, CI 77499

View Teryn's official OMG Eyeliner Tutorial!


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