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Permanent Makeup Beginner Starter Kit 16 Piece Kit - Great Value!

This is the perfect 16 Piece kit for Permanent Makeup beginners. It has everything you would need to do a full procedure from start to finish with top quality products.

PMU Beginner Starter Kit Includes

  • 1 bottle Pigment Seal $23.99
  • 1 bottle Zensa $34.99 Pre-numb
  • 1 bottle Feel Better Now Secondary Gel $35
  • 1 box OMG Cartridge Needles Variety Pack $17.00
  • 2 bottles Li Pigments Aqua line pigment (assorted colors) $31 x 2 $62
  • 2 bottles Li Pigments Loaded line pigment (assorted colors) $28 x 2 $56
  • 1 Monica Ivani Signature Series pigment (color varies) $29
  • 1 Jenn Boyd Signature Series pigment (color varies) $29
  • 3 After Inked Lotion Pillow Packs $1.40 x 3 $4.20 ($35/25pack so $1.40/1)
  • Girlz Ink Brow Ruler Roll of 50 $23
  • Girlz Ink PINK Brow Mapping String $12
  • 1 Girlz Ink Drawing Pencil $3 ($15/5 so $3/1)
  • $352.17 for everything (waiting for variety pack needle boxes to arrive) What should the discount be?

OMG Cartridge Needles:
Girlz Ink and TATSoul have crafted a specific line of needles to meet the wants and needs of todays PMU artist. Engineered & optimized to exceed the quality standard of the cosmetic tattoo industry, the The OMG® Nano cartridge needles empower artists to create fine lines, realistic hair strokes, amazing pixels and butter smooth gradients and blends. Optimal visibility, ink flow, precision, stability and safety.

Pigment Seal:
Skinful BeautyTM Pigment SealTM is a unique formulation that streamlines the permanent makeup procedures by efficiently cleaning and nourishing the skin being treated, helping to enhance moisture and color retention.

Girlz Ink Brow Ruler:
The Girlz Ink Brow Ruler is designed to help you find the best  measurements for clients brows of all shapes and sizes. She used the golden mean caliper measurements to show the symmetrical points A, B & C for the beginning, arch and end of the brows, as well as the basic measurements. The back can be removed to be used as a sticker to apply directly to the client's forehead for steady measurements. Roll of 50

Jenn Boyd Brow Signature Series Pigment:
Three of the colors: Dirty Blonde, Raven, and Midnight Sun have a mixture of organic and inorganic similar to our Aqua formulation. Killer Brunette is a little different. This color is also organic/inorganic, but this shade was created by using iron oxide and some of the organic colorants that we are using on our Loaded® Pigment line. 

From Jenn Boyd: My ultimate goal for this Artist Series was to create colors I dreamed of working with. Knowing the struggles of the working PMU Artist performing different procedures on various skin tones and experiencing different pigment lines over the years, has given me an extensive insight to what we need. I think we nailed it! The 4 unique colors are slightly pre-modified but will not produce an overly warm effect. You may still feel the need to modify for certain skin tones. Suitable for both manual and machine techniques, this new hybrid formula will give you the softness of a pigment and the staying power of an ink.

Monica Ivani Brow Signature Series Pigment:
Monica Ivani is an International Master Trainer, Global Conference Speaker and one of the best artists in the world. Her unique hairstroke technique with a Digital Device has earned her that Worldwide recognition.  Monica chose to work with Li Pigments due to their reputation for high quality pigments that implant, heal and age with only the best results.  She worked closely with the chemists at Li Pigments to create her own unique eyebrow pigment formula as well as her own unique, custom brow colors.  After working and testing her pigments for over a year...Monica and Li Pigments together created what will be one of the best set of brow pigments the industry has ever seen.   

Feel Better Now Secondary Gel:
Feel Better Now Topical Gel is a product you can rely on to keep your clients in a more comfortable state with less discomfort while allowing you to work on sensitive areas with minimal movement. It is used to help relieve discomfort, swelling, and bleeding during procedures that repeatedly penetrate the skin, making this a perfect topical gel for all procedures. It has a rapid-acting gel formula and takes effect quickly.

After Inked Pillow Packs:
Permanent Makeup artists are discovering that After Inked® is a real breakthrough product that streamlines the tattooing procedure, helps to moisturize the skin. After Inked® can be used on any permanent makeup procedure (lips, brows, eye liner, and areola), as well as an after-laser tattoo removal moisturizer lotion. 

Li Pigments Aqua:
Aqua Brow Pigments is a versatile line of brow colors that produce fantastic results with both the machine and hand tool.  Aqua works with all techniques and needles; powder brows, Ombre brows, micro-blading, machine hair strokes, single needle and shader needles. It doesn't dry too fast or too quick, its not too thick or too thin and it has been producing amazing healed and aged results for over 23 years.  Aqua is highly concentrated which means more saturation = more healed in color and longer lasting. If you do different techniques then this is the line that you may want to use. There is a reason Aqua has been one of the top selling lines in the world since inception.  Tested and approved by thousands of artists worldwide.

Li Loaded Pigments:
Loaded colors are pre-modified and only a small percentage of the time will any additional warmth need to be added.  When it does it is most likely with the dark colors only, not the light to medium colors.  Almost never will you need to add any warmth to the light to medium colors...if you do then use Gold Dust NOT Warm Sunset.  These colors are exceptionally strong, pre-modified and a small amount goes a long way.  Please use caution adding Warm Sunset when you shouldn't will cause your clients brows to look orange as you are working on them or cause them to heal orange or both.

Girlz Ink Drawing Pencil: 
Used to draw your eyebrows before tattooing procedures. They only come in Light Black. 


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