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Power Cord Sleeves Covers Disposable 125 per box

Disposable Clip Cord Sleeves 

Our clip cord sleeves are different from other brands because they come in a longer 2" x 45" format and a better, thicker and more durable material.  They are also open on both ends making it easy to fit to cord. The thickness, added length and that they are open on both ends makes these cord sleeves the best in the industry. The added length also allows the artist to snip the sleeve to any desired length depending on the artwork. 

Quantity: 125pcs. 
Color: transparent blue 
Material: polyethylene 
Size: 2" x 45"

For Flux S Machine cut sleeve cord into 9 inch sections to fit the machine. Box of 125 will give you 625 machine covers. 

Barrier Products are important in every studio to keep your bottle products clean and safe from cross-contamination. Place over wash bottles, your Soft FX, Eyeliner Pre and Post Cleanse, Eyeliner Rinse all bottle type products.



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