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Single Needle Starter Kit + Soft Single Needle Shaded Powder Brow Course (12-Month Access)

Included in the Single Needle Starter Kit

  • Girlz Ink OMG Cartridge Needles 1 Round Liner #10 x1
  • Jenn Boyd® Signature Series Eyebrow Pigments

12 Month Access valued at $479

What will you learn in this course? 

Na Seng will guide you through her Single Needle Shaded Powder Brow Course where she shows you step by step how she creates those dreamy powdery brows all her clients love! 

Over the years, Na has crafted beautiful brow shapes, fluffy and soft, all accomplished by her signature tattoo layering technique which she will be showcasing to you in this PMU course. You will watch how she masterfully blends different tattoo techniques like whip shading, pendulum, and pointillism hand movements. You will learn how to control your hand speed, pressure and more. 

She will show you how to create a brow unique to your client, enhancing their natural beauty, not detracting from it. You are not only training your artistic hand, but also your artistic eye. Remember… One Brow does not fit ALL!  When you leave this course, Na’s goal is for you to go on to develop a beautiful shaded brow style unique to you!

Course Highlights

  • Design and Drawing Demonstration Videos
  • Client Consultation Tips
  • Na’s Numbing Technique Preferences
  • Skin Types
  • Movements - Whip Shading, Pendulum, and Pointillism
  • Needles - Liners vs. Shaders
  • Needles - How to Inspect Your Needle
  • Face Shapes and Brow Designs
  • Brow Mapping & Symmetry Tips
  • Choosing Pigments - Iron Oxides Pigments vs. Organic Pigments
  • Color Theory - Skin Undertones, Overtones
  • Proper Stretch and Positioning
  • Proper Tray Set Up
  • Machine Tutorial
  • Setting Your Power Box Numbers
  • After Care
  • Client Forms
  • Two Full Procedure Videos with Live Narration
  • Detailed Handout
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Membership to our Facebook Support Board

Course Outline

1. Introduction 10. Single Needle Saturation Techniques
2. Theory 11. Posture, Position & Stretch
3. Client Consultations 12. Numbing the Client
4. Procedure Set Up 13. Hand Movement & Videos
5. Tray Set Up 14. Procedure Videos
6. Machines Selection 15. Aftercare
7. Power Supply & Digital Machine Speeds 16. Powder Brow Healing Stages
8. Pigment Choices 17. Consent & Addendum Forms
9. Brow Mapping Techniques 18. Links to favorite sites to purchase items


Terms & Conditions

Once enrolled, please email us at [email protected] with your order number to receive access to the course. Please allow 24 - 72 hours to be given access to the course. Our office hours are: Tuesday through Saturday, from 10am - 6pm PST.

There is absolutely NO REFUNDS, NO EXCEPTIONS.

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