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Teryn's Favorite Aqua Colors


Struggling to pick out your core colors? Teryn’s put together her favorite colors from the Aqua line into the perfect starter kit for any artist. Please keep in mind Aqua is mostly iron oxide. If you're looking for a mostly organic kit, please click here for Teryn's Favorite Loaded Colors.

"I personally use Aqua for all my clients who have dry, normal or moderately oily skin…any client who takes pigment normally or a little “too good” which is about 70% of my clients. In this kit you'll get my most used colors.

I refer to these colors as “core colors.”  Keeping your collection between 6-9 pigments allows an artist to learn their core colors exceptionally well…so well you can start to predict the healed in color result with pretty good accuracy. Once you learn your colors you trust your colors and your choices. I sometimes use these colors right out of the bottle and I also love to mix! By mixing colors I can create custom tones…in between tones if you will."

Included in this kit: 7 15ml Bottles of Aqua.

A well-balanced light to medium blonde color. Breve has a slightly warmer base than Creme Latte
Temp: Slightly Cool
Base: Warm Yellow & Green
Inorganic & Organic
Fitz: I-III

A true taupe eyebrow color with brown undertones. Great performer which can be used alone on moderately cool skin undertones. A good color choice for clients who have white, gray or salt and pepper scalp hair.
Temp: Cool
Base: Green & Cool Yellow
Fitz: I-III

A well-balanced universal medium brown color.
Temp: More Neutral
Base: More Neutral Yellow & Green with a small amount of Red 
Inorganic & Organic
Fitz: III-V

Classic Brown
A rich, natural medium brown color.
Temp: Cool
Base: Cool Yellow & Green and a small amount of Red Inorganic
Fitz: III-IV

Dark Toffee
This is a rich dark brown color with warmth added.
Temp: Cool
Base: Cool Yellow & Green with small amount of Yellow-Orange 
Inorganic & Organic
Fitz: III-VI

Ebony Brown
This is a dark Black-Brown color.
Temp: Extremely Cool
Base: Black & Brown with small amount of Red Inorganic
Fitz: V-VI

Autumn Gold
A medium Warm Brown color.
Temp: Warm
Base: Red & Warm Yellow
Inorganic & Organic
Fitz: I-VI


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