Teryn's Favorite Cartridge Needle Bundle

Unsure of where to start with needles? Teryn's put together a kit of her favorite needles, all from the OMG® Cartridge Needle series, a collaboration between Girlz Ink and TATSoul! This kit is perfect for both the beginning and experienced PMU artist. 

Included in the Kit:

1 box of Girlz Ink OMG Cartridge Needles - 1 Round Liner #10  

1 Round Liner - Size .30, #10. 
A universal diameter size good for most skin types.  Creates a medium size hair stroke in the skin.

1 box of Girlz Ink OMG Cartridge Needles - 3 Round Liner #8

3 Round Liner - Size .25/#8.  
Ideal for creating thicker hair strokes when needed.  The 3 liner is an amazing detailing needle perfect for outlining brow, tiny tattoos, lips and creating crisp eyeliners.  Many PMU artists also love it for filling in brows and lips.

1 box of Girlz Ink OMG Cartridge Needles - 5 Round Liner #8

5 Round Liner - Size .25/#8.  
Ideal for filling in any any area...eyebrows, lips and eyeliner.  Excellent for outlining tiny tattoos and lips.   Also for removing strokes and/or smaller areas of removal. 

1 box of Girlz Ink OMG Cartridge Needles - 8 Round Shader #8

8 Round Shader - Size .25/#8.  
Ideal for powder brows, filling lips, areolas and areas of removal.  FYI...This is Teryn's fave needle for her classic powder brow procedures!