Teryn's Forever Areola Kit

Includes the following areola pigments from Li's Forever Line: 

  • Pastel Rose - An earthy pink color. TIP: Makes a beautiful foundation base color. Darker color can be layered on top. Add to darker shades for nipple areola mixtures.
  • Rose Champagne - A light pink color. TIP: Beautiful foundation for a nipple areola.
  • Hawaiian Punch -A beautiful pink/red color with a hint of mauve.  TIP: Use to obtain darker shades in mixtures for nipple/areola procedures.
  • Cafe Cosmos - A light to medium brown areola color.  TIP: A good base color for 3D areola work.
  • Uptown Brown - A dark brown areola color. TIP: Use on darker skin or to create depth for 3D work or matching a darker nipple.