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Teryn's Forever Lip Kit + Lip Stretch Assist 5pk

Included in the Kit

  • Hawaiian Punch - A beautiful pink/red color with a hint of mauve.  You can add blue gone (Forever lip modifier)  to brighten the color or apricot to soften the hue.
  • Bubble Gum -  Very bring pink color. You can mix with apricot to achieve a soft lip color.  
  • Tabasco - A bright, creamy red lip color. 
  • Sugared Rose - Pink/mauve lip color. Definitely a MUST-HAVE!
  • Berry Persistent -Deep berry lip color.  Great for lip lining or as a mixer/additive.
  • Apricot - It is a soft peach pink color. Warm semi-opaque shade. TIP: Add to any shade within the lip and areola to soften the color. It is not recommended that this color is used by its own. Additive only.
  • 5pc single use wrapped Tight Lip’d Guard

About the Tight Lip'd Guards

  • Mouth guard for permanent lip procedures. 
  • Protects teeth and gums from being damaged when getting tattooed. 
  • Strategically chosen so tattooing live or making social media/website posts can look more visually appealing. 
  • Stretching made EASY for all skill levels.
  • Perfect base for balancing hands while stretching and tattooing any technique.
  • Color: NEON PINK
  • High Quality FDA grade silicone
  • (L x W x H) 3.94 x 3.94 x 0.79 Inches
  • Flexible and Non-toxic
  • No need for boiling before each client. Pop in & go!


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