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Women of Color Kit

7 rich PMU shades & one modifier for extra warmth if needed. These powerful Inorganic and Organic pigments are the perfect deep range for complexion matching to achieve beautiful brows! Both the Aqua and Loaded colors in this kit can be used for both Machine work and Manual/Microblading. Perfect for any skin type including oily skin. 

AQUA Classic Brown: A rich, natural medium brown color. This would be a great choice for your Fitz IV clients who don't want a too dark brow. Also good for use on Fitzpatrick III-IV skin types. Darken with Dark Toffee or Ebony Brown (in small amounts). For additional warmth add Caribbean Mod. (Base - Cool Yellow & Green w/ a small amount of Red Inorganic.) Light to Dark Value 3+ 

AQUA Dark Toffee: This is a rich dark brown color with warmth added. Use alone on Fitzpatrick III-VI skin types. Lighten with Classic Brown. Darken with Navajo Brown or Ebony Brown. (Base - Cool Yellow & Green w/ small amount of yellow-orange. Inorganic & Organic) Light to Dark Value 4. 

AQUA Navajo Brown: A beautiful cooler color that heals to a dark brown for Fitzpatrick III-V skin types. Navajo Brown contains a small amount of red in the base formula, however, it is a cool eyebrow color. Lighten with Classic Brown. Darken with Ebony Brown. (Base - Cool Yellow & Green w/ small amount of red inorganic.) Light to Dark Value 5. 

AQUA Ebony Brown: This is a dark black/brown color. On Fitzpatrick V-VI skin types, this color may heal to the appearance of a rich black. Add Sundown only when appropriate due to the darkness of the canvas. Lighten with Classic Brown.) (Base - Black & Brown w/ small amount of red inorganic.) Light to Dark Value 6. 


LOADED Cheatin' Heart: A well balanced Rich Darker Brown Color.  This is deep and rich!  A really beautiful color. (Base - Cool Yellow Brown, Great for Fitzpatricks IV & V) 

LOADED Outlaw Brown: Dark Brown/Black Color. Outlaw Brown will heal to a soft black on most skin types. This is a good option for clients who are looking to have the appearance of rich brown/black eyebrow color. (Base - Very Cool Black & Brown, Great for Fitzpatricks V-VI) 

LOADED Sundown: Darkest Black/Brown Color. This is the darkest color in the Loaded line up.  Will heal to a medium black on most skin types. There is just enough brown in the base to keep it from healing too cold.  Since Sundown is such a dark, cool color you may want to consider adding Caribbean Mod. This is a perfect choice for the darker skin types that want a black brow result, or the lighter skin types with black hair. (Base - Extremely Cool Black & Brown, Great for Fitzpatricks V-VI)

MODIFIER Caribbean Mod: A very deep red-orange color. Corrects (neutralizes) green and blue eyebrows. Also use to correct (neutralize) blue or dark gray eyeliners. Utilize this corrector to warm up darker colors when it is necessary to keep the target color as dark as possible. (Base - Extremely Warm Red and Warm Orange Organic & Inorganic) Light to Dark Value 4+ 

Aqua Brow Pigments is a versatile line of brow colors that produce fantastic results with both the machine and hand tool.  Aqua works with all techniques and needles; powder brows, Ombre brows, micro-blading, machine hair strokes, single needle and shader needles. It doesn't dry too fast or too quick, its not too thick or too thin and it has been producing amazing healed and aged results for over 23 years.  Aqua is highly concentrated which means more saturation = more healed in color and longer lasting. If you do different techniques then this is the line that you may want to use. There is a reason Aqua has been one of the top selling lines in the world since inception.  Tested and approved by thousands of artists worldwide. 

Loaded Brow Pigments are pre-modified and only a small percentage of the time will any additional warmth need to be added.  When it does it is most likely with the dark colors only, not the light to medium colors.  Almost never will you need to add any warmth to the light to medium colors...if you do then use Gold Dust NOT Warm Sunset.  These colors are exceptionally strong, pre-modified and a small amount goes a long way.  Adding Warm Sunset when you shouldn't will cause your clients brows to look orange as you are working on them or cause them to heal orange or both. The skin type, your depth, needle and technique used will determine the tone of color you sev e in your healed results.


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