Yasss - Queen Pigments


Queen Pigments® shades are the perfect powerful deep range when complexion matching for bomb new brows on melanin-rich skin. These organic pigments are designed specifically for our Queens whose resilient skin with oily and typically larger pores will retain these colors with ease. 

Queen Pigments® shades will cling to the needle, implant easily while keeping consistency, and will dry at a workable procedure rate. Formulated to implant fast & oxide quickly, you’ll find these pigments will prevent the overworking of skin. 

Whether you’re down with a hand tool or machine, groovin’ on dry, oily, or combination skin, this versatile, creamy-smooth water-based formula has definitely got you covered! 

“Creating representation for women of color in PMU will help transcend permanent makeup now that the Queens have a platform. Queen Pigments® is a revolution of brows in PMU, a pigmented line to celebrate us! Remain proud, foxy Momma, and go on to influence the world with your beautiful brows!” - Darlene Story


Fitz: IV, V 

Temp: Slightly Cool 

Base: Brown & Yellow + Added Warmth 

A rich medium brown for a natural ray of color on golden skin toned Queens.

Use alone or blend with Foxy Brown or Sista Girl