Li Pigments Aqua - Caribbean Mod 7ml

Caribbean Mod

Temp : Extremely Warm

Light to Dark Value: 4+

Base : Red and Warm Orange Organic & Inorganic

A very deep red-orange color. Corrects (neutralizes) green and blue eyebrows. See note of caution below. Also use to correct (neutralize) blue or dark gray eyeliners. Utilize this corrector to warm up darker colors when it is necessary to keep the target color as dark as possible.

Use Un-Grey for a more dramatic lightening effect. This color will not lighten pigment as much as Un-Grey will. If aged eyeliner has shifted to blue undertones and brown is desired, the artist may apply Caribbean Mod and then apply Ebony Brown at the same appointment. It should be noted however, waiting for any correction to heal first before a target color is applied is considered the best technique for optimum results.

May also be used as an additive to black eyeliner for clients with very cool eyelid undertones to maintain the blackness of the pigment in the skin. Note of Caution: Caribbean Mod is intensely concentrated and if used to correct eyebrows, an extremely small amount should be used. A little goes a very long way.


Teryn's Tip: only want to add the amount of extra warmth the skin needs, no more.  If you add too much warmth...more warmth than the skin needs...then the coolness in the skin will not absorb or eat up all the warmth you just added and there will be left over warmth either in the immediately healed or as it ages. There will be many skin types that need NO extra warmth...their skin does not require it. If you need help to determine levels of coolness, skin undertones, using warm modifiers, choosing the correct pigment or anything color theory we highly recommend taking Teryn's 9 hour color theory recorded class which can be found here: Color Theory Course