Velvet Eyebrow Pigments

The Velvet formula is different then the Aqua formula as it is thicker and stays wet longer (more glycerin, less water).  This is why some techs who use manual method prefer prefer Velvet.  Because it stays wet it is perfect for doing a mask or soak. Because it is thicker it grabs and hangs on to the hand tool a little better. Due to the thickness we do not recommend Velvet for machine work.  If you only do manual method Velvet is the perfect formula for you.  If you do both manual and machine work Aqua would be the better choice.  Velvet colors and tones are the same color and tones as Aqua and will heal as such.  If you struggle with skin undertones, color theory and how to pick the perfect color consider taking Teryns recorded online color class. It is 9 hours of nothing but pure color education that will empower you and give you a new found confidence with your pigments.