Li Pigments Velvet - Un-Grey 15ml


Velvet has a different formula than Aqua causing it to be a little bit thicker. Microbladers LOVE this line as it has a little more glycerin and clings to the needle as the needle enters the skin, which allows for more pigment implantation. This is the perfect microblading line.


L-D 3 Extremely Warm

Orange Inorganic

An extremely strong, warm pumpkin color. Formulated specifically for the correction of stubborn dark gray; charcoal gray; or stubborn darker blue brows. This is a strong orange corrector. May be used alone if the gray or blue is dark and dense. Use as a 5% additive to the target color if the stubborn gray or blue is sheer in the skin and is not dark and dense. Add to any mid-range to dark eyebrow colors (see Cashmere through Ebony Brown eyebrow colors) for additional warmth. Not recommended as an additive to blondes or lighter brown shades. May add a very small amount of Un-Grey to black eyeliner colors for clients with very cool eyelid undertones to maintain the blackness of the pigment in the skin.

Note of Caution: Use Gray Vanish to warm up light colors and to correct light/sheer blues and grays. UN-Grey is intensely concentrated. An extremely small amount should be used. A little goes a very long way.


Li pigment colors are formulated from the FDA, FD&C, and D&C colorant listings. These safe, concentrated formulas provide consistent and superior coverage that a technician can depend on. They are highly concentrated so the color retention is superb, they are easy to use and they remain true to color so they age beautifully. Li Pigments is the pigment line the artist can depend on and that is why top artists from all over the world choose Li.

Although we did our best with the swatch colors, they are not a true depiction of the color stated.