Aqua Eyebrow Pigments

Aqua Brow Pigments is a versatile line of brow colors that work with and produce fantastic results with both manual and machine. Aqua works with all techniques and needles...powder brows, ombre brows, micro-blading, machine hair strokes, single needle and shader needles. It doesn't dry too fast or too quick, its not too thick or too thin and it has been producing amazing healed and aged results for over 23 years.  Aqua is highly concentrated which means more saturation = more healed in color and longer lasting. If you do different techniques then this is the line that you may want to use. There is a reason Aqua has been one of the top selling lines in the world since inception.  Tested and approved by thousands of artists worldwide.  If you struggle with skin undertones, color theory and how to pick the perfect color consider taking Teryns recorded online color class. It is 9 hours of nothing but pure color education that will empower you and give you a new found confidence with your pigments.