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Li Pigments Aqua - Mochaccino 7ml

Type: Inorganic & Organic


Base: A more neutral Yellow & Green base.

Description: A well-balanced rich, medium brown. This is one of our most popular colors and a must have in your collection.

Pro Tips:

  • For additional warmth add Gray Vanish, Beautiful Blonde or Autumn Gold.  These color will add warmth and lighten the shade a bit.
  • Can lighten without adding warmth by mixing with Hazelnut or Cappuccino.
  • Can darken by adding Chocolate Truffle or Navajo.

 CI 77499 CI 77491 CI 77492 CI 77288 CI 77891 CI 19140:1



  • Aqua is a high-performance predominantly inorganic pigment line with some organics added to create balance and stable aging.
  • Aqua brow colors contain ZERO black carbon which means NO GREY RESULTS. 
  • Aqua is thin (but not watery) and flows exceptionally well with any needle. If you prefer a thicker, creamier pigment you will love our Velvet line. Aqua is thinner, Velvet is thicker.
  • Made with a Special blend of carriers for super quick implantation and oxidation. 
  • Made with the highest pigment load possible for high retention & healed in color.  The high pigment load reduces the amount of passes and procedure time.
  • Internally balanced with our Fusion based color-neutralization technology to prevent warm or gray fading. 
  • Aqua is a safe, concentrated formula providing consistent and superior coverage with all techniques, needles and skin types. And those pixels...wow!
  • After 30 years Aqua has earned the respect and loyalty of both beginner and advanced artist throughout the world. 
  • Aqua is "CERTIFIED" vegan and all colors are formulated from the FDA, FD&C, and D&C colorant listings. 
  • Aqua prides itself on over 30 year history of safety and reliability.

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